Front wall of the Banzai mobile

The first Manor Mobile, shown on the previous page, was 'state of the art' in the early 1970s, but much more has been learned about the acoustics of vehicles since then.

In early 1998, a mobile recording studio of reasonably similar dimensions was re-constructed in the UK for initial use at the Expo '98 ‘World’s Fair of the Oceans’ in Lisbon, Portugal.

This time, the same techniques were used as for a small control room, with flush-mounted loudspeakers and a wideband absorber (trap) at the opposite wall.

The jackfield, as can be seen from the photograph, was set into the trap. As it was not very reflective, it did not significantly change the absorption characteristics.



Rear, absorber wall

The mobile studio employed a Euphonix console, which only required the control surface to be inside the 'room'.

The removal of the great mass of the mixing console was a benefit in a space so acoustically small.

The lower frequencies were controlled be allowing a certain amount of leakage to the exterior, but not enough to compromise the use of the vehicle in sensitive locations. Internal SPLs were reduced by working at close range to the loudspeakers.

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