A new complex for film post-production was completed in February 2013 for NTV-Kino (Gazprom Media), in Moscow. It includes a Dolby Premier certified studio, equipped for Dolby Atmos, a colour-correction room with Dolby 7.1 monitoring (using the same Reflexion Arts loudspeaker systems as the Atmos room), a Foley studio, three large ADR studios and two editing rooms. The Atmos room is shown completed in the top-left photograph, with a 48-fader, Euphonix System 5 console with 256 inputs and a ProTools system with 128 outputs to feed the Atmos RMU (rendering unit). Part of the loudspeaker installation is shown in the second photograph, where the orientation of the loudspeakers towards the mixing position can clearly be seen. The wall and ceiling loudspeakers were developed by Joules Newell for Reflexion Arts, to meet the directivity and output level requirements and to timbrally match the main, screen-monitor systems. The screen loudspeakers are shown in the third photograph, along with the frame for the Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K woven screen, 8 metres wide.

The fourth and fifth photographs at the left show the amplifier and Soundweb installations in the machine room below the projection room, and behind the screen. All signals are run digitally to converters close to the amplifiers, which are sited as close as practicable to the loudspeakers, to minimise the lengths of the cables. All loudspeaker channels are controlled with BSS Soundweb Londons, necessary for the easy switching between the differently pre-calibrated formats.

At the right-hand side of the page, the top photograph shows one of the three identical control rooms for the 16 m2 ADR rooms. The next photograph below is of the colour-correction room, equipped with a Barco DP2K23B projector and an Enlighter 4K woven screen, maintaining the compatibility with the Premier, Atmos dubbing theatre. The room has been equipped to mix feature films in formats up to 7.1.

The third and fourth photographs are of the Foley studio and its control room, which is equipped for music and television mixing in formats from mono to 5-channel surround, and pre-mixing for cinema formats up to 7.1, again with Soundwebs to re-configure the gains and the loudspeaker channel arrangements.

There is also a UPS for the entire floor, powered from five tons of batteries, with Victron inverters which will supply 90 kW with sufficient capacity to continue working for ten hours without power from the mains supply.

The entire acoustic construction and the installation of all the power, HVAC and audio systems of the studio complex were coordinated and overseen by Joules (Julius) Newell, who spent over a year in Moscow working on this project.

The bottom-right photograph is of the dubbing theatre at JBM Studios, in Dubai, built concurrently with the NTV-Kino rooms and also equipped for mixing in formats up to 7.1 plus Dolby Atmos. It has the same basic loudspeaker systems as the NTV rooms, but with only 20 loudspeakers distributed over the walls and ceiling, as opposed to 34 in the Moscow room.

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